Welcome to the Tenth Judicial Circuit of Florida. The purpose of our site is to provide you with information about the court that is easily accessible and will assist you in becoming more familiar with the courts, its personnel and its programs. We will continue to update the information provided here in our ongoing effort to serve the people of the 10th Judicial Circuit.

The Mission Statement for the courts in the Tenth Circuit is as follows:

        The Courts of the Tenth Judicial Circuit will conduct their business openly, will
ensure that all persons with legitimate business before the Courts have access to their
proceedings, and will make their facilities safe, accessible and convenient to use.

             The Courts of the Tenth Judicial Circuit will meet their responsibilities to everyone
affected by their actions and activities in a timely and expeditious manner.

The Courts of the Tenth Judicial Circuit will provide due process and equal
protection of the law to all who have business before them by applying the principles
of equality, fairness and integrity in reaching decisions.

           The Courts of the Tenth Judicial Circuit will conduct their business and activities in
a way that will instill public trust and confidence.

The Administrative office of the courts, through its personnel and programs, strives to accomplish the court's Mission Statement by providing support to judicial officers and programs necessary for the daily operation of the courts. This office also serves as the liaison between the courts and the other constitutional offices, state and local government agencies, the bar, the media and the public.

This office also provides support and assistance to the Chief Judge and other judges in the following areas:

-Budget administration
-Facilities and space management
-Personnel administration
-Public information
-Caseflow management
-Jury management
-Information systems support
-Self-help program
-Drug court
-Indigency Examiner
-Domestic violence coordination
-Traffic court Hearing Officers
-Juvenile court administration
-Senior judge coordination
clear.gif (848 bytes) -Witness management
-Court technology
-Alternate dispute resolution
-Court interpreters
-Guardian ad Litem
-Pre-trial release
-Judicial assistant relief
-Staff attorneys/legal research
-Certification of process servers
-Electronic court reporting
-Child support enforcement
-Alternative sanctions coordinator
-Trial coordination
-Jail review

We hope your visit to our home on the WWW is beneficial. If this office can assist you in any way, please call us at (863) 534-4690. In closing, I would be remiss if I did not mention the appreciation of the courts in the Tenth Judicial Circuit to Polk County Judge Anne Kaylor who has devoted countless hours to the establishment of our website.

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