5-1.2 Scheduling Domestic Relations Department Enforcement Actions
(Rescinded 7-19-02 by Special Order)
CAD 4-19-96
5-2.0 Alimony and Child Support: Procedure for Enforcing Order and Judgements Where Neither Party Resides in this Circuit AHL 3-11-74
5-3.0 Notice of Hearing in DRD Cases (Rescinded 7-19-02 by Special Order) WAN 4-23-86
5-.4.0 Procedures Regarding Child Support Payments Where Subject Children Receive Public Assistance CMK 4-13-77
5-5.0 Attorneys Fees Deposit - Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services Child Support Actions Against the United States of America as Garnishee Defendant RGM 4-27-93
5-6.0 Domestic Relations Department Indirect Criminal Contempt Procedure
(Rescinded 7-19-02 by Special Order)
WAN 4-24-84
5-7.0 Administrators and Fees for Enforcement of Child Support and Alimony
(Rescinded 7-19-02 by Special Order)
RGM 3-16-93
5-8.1 Enforcement of Child Support and Alimony CBC 7-03-02
5-9.0 Income Deduction Order and Forms WAN 12-16-86
5-10.0 Final Judgements for Child Support and Alimony Delinquencies RGM 5-10-93
5-11.0 Enforcement of Court-Ordered Child Support and Alimony in NON-IV-D Cases, Appointment of a Support Enforcement Hearing Officer, and Enforcement of Court Ordered Visitation (Rescinded 7-19-02 by Special Order) OLG 3-23-90
5-12.1 Domestic Violence Task Force CAD 4-97
5-13.0 Bond Schedule for Domestic Violence and Repeat Violence Offenders RGM 12-13-91
5-13A Addendum to A. O. 5-13.0 RGM 9-21-92
Addendum to A. O. 5-13.0 RGM 6-22-95
5-14.1 Adoption of Domestic Violence Policies and Procedures RAH 4-8-04
5-15.0 Procedures for Ex-Parte Petitions for Injunctions for Protection RGM 7-6-92
5-16.0 Authorization for Clerk of Courts to Provide Pre-Judgement Mediation RGM 11-2-92
Amendment to A. O. 5-16.0 RGM 11-16-92
5-17.0 Order for Parenting Course (Polk) RGM 3-10-93
5-18.0 Order for Parenting Course (Highlands) RGM 4-27-93
5-19.0 Order for Parenting Course (Hardee) RGM 5-5-93
5-20.2 Administrative Provisions for Family Law Division RAH 7-11-03
Appendix One - Mediation Form
Appendix Two - Mediation Orders
Appendix Three - Case Management Conference Form
Appendix Four - Visitation Guidelines (PDF) Appendix Four (WORD NEW Right click choose save as to save to your hard drive)
5-21.0 Children in the Middle RGM 93
5-22.0 Domestic Violence Classes for Victims and Offenders RGM 8-17-94
5-23.0 Adoption of Family Law Instruction Booklets and Authorization for Distribution by Clerk of the Court (Highlands) RGM 11-94
5-23.1 Order Authorizing Use of Forms Regarding Arrest Warrants in
Domestic Relations Matters
CAD 12-8-98
5-24.5 Assignment of Family Cases To Self-Help Program RAH 08-20-03
5-25.0 Attendance at "Children in the Middle" Class RGM 11-8-93
5-26.0 Authorization for Clerk to Review Family Division Files RGM 12-21-94
5-28.1 Service of Process for Protective Injunctions and Entitlement to Service of Process Fees RAH 08-31-04
5-29.0 Family Law Division Case Filing Procedures CAD 10-17-96
5-30.0 HRS Form 527 Certfication Procedures CAD 10-17-96
5-31.4 Establishment of Child Support Hearing Officer RAH 12-15-04
5-32.1 Central Governmental Depository (Rescinded 7-19-02 by Special Order) CAD 12-4-98
5-32.1F1 Affidavit & Request for Participation in Depository (Form) CAD 12-4-98
5-32.2F2 Income Deduction Notice (Form) CAD 12-4-98
5-32.2F3 Notice of Deliquency (Form) CAD 12-4-98
5-32.2F4 Statement of Rights, Remedies & Duties - Income Deduction Order (Form) CAD 12-4-98
5-33.0 Authorization for the Clerk Of Courts to Charge Pro-Se Parties for Mediation Services CAD 3-20-98
5-34.1 Establishing Domestic Violence Section of Circuit Court, & Procedures for Assigning
Cases to Family Division Sections
RAH 7-2-03

In Re: Establishment Of Court Based Family Self-Help Programs

CAD 2-11-99
5-36.0 Authorization for the Clerk of Courts to Provide & Charge for Mediation Services
for Parties Involved in Paternity Litigation
CBC 6-16-99
5-37.0 IN RE: Establishment Of Procedures For Parents In  Department of Revenue Cases To Obtain An Order Establishing Primary Residence and/or a Visitation Schedule with the Minor Children at Issue. CBC June 2001
5-38.1 Establishment of a Family Court Advisory Council And an
Association of Family Court Professionals
RAH 12-15-04
5-39.1 Implementation of United Family Court (WORD)  (PDF) RAH 9-26-03
5-40.1 Standards for Court-Ordered Domestic Violence Evaluations and Programs RAH 7-09-03
5-41.0 Re: Emergency Pro Se Motions CBC 7-17-02
5-42.0 Child Support Depository Administrative Procedures RAH 5-12-03
5-43.1 Use of Facsimile Stamp by Polk County Clerk DV Dept (Word) (PDF) RAH 9-24-03
5-44.0 Establishment of Magistrates for Proceedings in Family Division RAH 12-15-04


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